Tocsin Bang  Sentinels of Britain

Tocsin Bang

“TOCSIN BANG – The Cold War Story of the Royal Observer Corps” tells of the work of the Corps through the fascinating recollections of the people who were there, the Observers themselves.


Sentinels of Britain

“Sentinels of Britain” is the story from the formation of the Observer Corps in 1925, through the Battle of Britain when it gained its “Royal” title, and to the end of WWII with VE Day….


Walking Podcast

Produced with the Open University’s BLAST Project, visit the hidden stories of Slapton Sands…


Dale Peninsula Guide

Walking guide book with accompanying audio recordings…


Coastal Walk Podcast


Dale Peninsula Guide


Cyclops has also recently joined forces with the team at Wide-Eyed TV to participate in their “Our Secret War” project, speaking to wartime veterans with accounts of SOE, F Section, Force 136, Y Service, the Comète Line & MI9, SIS, Station X, Enigma, Ultra, the FANYs , the SAS, the Special Duties Squadron, and the Jedburghs – a guarantee that their stories are fascinating and very special.