Weybridge Post

We had already visited this post at the beginning of the year, and after much messing with the GPS (and associated blurring!) we could just about make out the surface features through the undergrowth. At that time we thought they looked in fairly good condition, with the painted surfaces still looking presentable.

Weybridge ROC Post

These details were confirmed when we revisited the post, this time with Nick Catford and the key to get in! The whole post is still in good condition, and is hopefully going to be restored by a member of Subterranea Britannica.

The nicest thing I thought about Weybridge post was that the Observers at stand down had signed a polystyrene tile each, and then the inside of the hatch with the message “Goodbye Dear Post”.

To see the Weybridge Post page of the Subterranea Britannica website, click here. There are photographs of the post without the vegetation!